Hot Spots-Choice of 3′ or 5′


They make great punch drills stations, blocking stations, strength and conditioning stations, and much more. Notice the valve is on the side, so there is no worry about jumping on the valve!

The Hot Spot features a loop Velcro?
line for attachment of a variety of manipulatives.

Built for Clubs

Take-offs, rebounds, blocking and conditioning stations are all a breeze with the Hot Spot! Create multiple stations to keep athletes busy and working.

  • Features a 4-inch loop Velcro line for attachment of a variety of manipulatives, like Tumbl Trak’s™ Velcro Hands and Feet, Velcro Numbers or Fun Sticks.
  • Use as a gymnastics/cheerleading training station for punch fronts, back tucks jumps, leaps, and turns,and dive rolls.
  • Use as a dance training station for pirouettes, fouettes, and leaps.
  • Two sizes available: 3-feet diameter, 5-feet diameter.
  • Constructed of durable, high-quality vinyl that is made to last.
  • Not intended for use alone on hard surfaces.

Perfect for Home

The Hot Spot is a useful and portable station for bounding, blocking, bouncing fun anywhere you go! It is gentle on the body, allowing for repetition of skills without added stress on joints. The Hot Spot has become popular amongst gymnasts, cheerleaders, dancers and obstacle course enthusiasts looking to add a little fun and bounce to their training in a small, compact space.

  • It’s 3 feet in diameter, just the right amount of space to use for punching take offs like punch fronts, aerials or dive rolls, or as a dynamic surface to take off from when doing back tucks, back handsprings or jumps.
  • Compact size makes it portable and easy to store away when not in use.
  • 3ft or 5ft in diameter; 4in thick
  • Haulkey Roberts valve located on the side
  • Hot Spot feature a loop Velcro strip on top

Made in Korea. Designed in the USA.

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