Gymnastic Mat Systems


Get great additional landing surface for practice, at home or in the gym designed for light to moderate impact. Team Sports has a numerous variety of mats ranging from Throw Mats, Skill Training Mats, Competition Mats, Tumbling Mats, and also various Spotting Blocks. Landing mats vary in thickness, measuring from 4”, 8”, and 12”, in both a Folding and Non-Folding option. Competition Landing Mats are available in both 12 cm thick and 20 cm thick, and meet all USAG and F.I.G. specifications.Multi layered poly foam core filler features assorted density and weight specifications to achieve proper impact absorption for successful stress-free landings. Spotting blocks are made of special High Density firm foam cores, combined with cross-link or Polyethylene Foam on the sides and tops to ensure a study and stable training aid for coaches and students.