Al Fong Single Spotting Block -3’x8’x1′ High


Al first developed the blocks to create a ?channel bar? station — above the ground. The blocks are made of a special firm foam on the sides and bottom creating a more stable environment, which coaches appreciate for safety reasons.

Teach gymnasts skill progressions early on for handstands, giants and release moves (ideal for spotting bar skills safely).
Train beam skills, including mounts and dismounts, using the 4-inch white line that appears on top of each block.
Use blocks on their rigid side for conditioning, plyometric or flexibility stations.
Turn blocks on their edges to create dynamic obstacle courses for a great cardio workout.
Made of firm, yet lightweight, foam that is covered in easy-to-clean vinyl.
Strategically placed Velcro allows blocks to be securely stacked on top of each other, side by side, or end to end, providing endless configurations and use!
Super lightweight with carrying handles for ease in moving from station to station.

Freight Charge: $375.00

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